Effective Tips to Prevent a Heart Attack

Effective Tips to Prevent a Heart Attack

While there are really no cures to heart diseases, there are ways to control it and keep it at a level where daily life is not strained. A more reasonable and wise course to take is to follow a lifestyle that helps you keep heart related illnesses at bay. Taking precautions and keeping a balanced diet is the best way to ensure a stress free life.

One of the most effective ways is to practice regular exercise. Aerobic exercises are known to be very helpful in this area. It keeps the circulation going, using every muscle and helps to break any accumulation of fat. Another type of exercise that is very beneficial is anaerobic. This complements aerobics very well and also supports the muscles, as there is much strain on them in aerobics.

The next crucial factor is diet. Most of the extra cholesterol that comes in our system is from all the saturated fat that is contained in the food we eat. Eating healthy, non-fatty food is the norm, of course. However, the real trick lies in picking food that is not only low on ‘bad’ fat but also reduces your chances of developing high cholesterol within your body. One of them is olive oil. It has monosaturated fat that reduces Low Density Lipoprotein in our blood. Foods with Omega-3 fatty acids also play the role of protecting the heart against clots and inflammation. This is found in almost all kinds of fish. Other foods are oats, apples, almonds, tomatoes; amongst several more. Otherwise, you may be safe from outside cholesterol but may not be able to prevent liver malfunction.

The other factor that increases our risk to heart ailments is smoking. Nicotine is certainly known as the cause of many illnesses, heart diseases being the major one. Not only this, it is a great danger to lungs and fertility as well.

Keep your weight low. The strain and stress of lumbering weight around adds significantly to the heart. It will not help if you are eating more than you can burn, even if it is healthy food. You need to eat in proportion to your body and not your mind.

Many recommend the natural way to health as opposed to medications. There are several things in your kitchen whose regular intake will help you keep a healthy heart. One of the major ones is garlic. You can either take them as supplements or simply add fresh garlic in your daily food. Another is onion. Both garlic and onion keep the flow of blood thin and prevent clotting.

Other factors like stress and insomnia also contribute greatly to the chances of one getting heart ailments. These cause physiological reactions like restriction of artery wall. If this happens, blood pressure increases and interferes with the body’s ability to heal and its hormonal levels. Dental health is of utmost importance as well. Dental infections put harmful bacteria in the blood stream that weaken our immune system.

Heart ailments are not entirely incurable or even unpreventable. To take safety measures is the best course to assume.

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