Healthy Heart – Tips to Keep Your Heart Fit and Avoid Cardiac Disorders

Healthy Heart – Tips to Keep Your Heart Fit and Avoid Cardiac Disorders

It is for a very good reason that it is said, Precaution is better than cure. Certainly, what can be prevented should be done with the right safety measures. This is especially true for health, because once health is lost, not all of it can be regained. The heart is the most organ of anyone’s body and it is imperative that very good care is taken of it. For, once any kind of ailment touches it, it is impossible to recover its original condition.

Now there are several ways through which one can maintain the heart’s conditions. The first and unavoidable is exercise. While this is most obvious, it is also the one most people are lazy to try. There is nothing healthier than a workout spanning as less as twenty minutes to keep the circulation going. You do not even need an expensive gym or equipment. But never become a fanatic and work out more than your body can take. This is only to keep your body active, not hyperactive. Also, maintain healthy realistic weight. The fad of being stick thin will not only affect your immunity but also harm your entire system, including your heart. Keep a weight that will enable you to enjoy various kinds of foods within a limit and help you in being active.

One of the chief features that work against the heart is smoking. Tobacco is amongst the major risk factors for the heart. Nothing increases its vulnerability like tobacco does. Tobacco smoke comprises of more then 4800 chemicals. Many of them are dangerous to the heart and blood vessels. And so, there is nothing called an acceptable amount of smoking. Even the low-nicotine and low-tar cigarettes are harmful.

A healthy diet will take you further than any wonder pills. While you may have to take supplements to compensate for the real thing, it is best to try and get fresh vegetable and fruits when possible. It is evident that you need to have a ‘green’ diet, plus whole grains, but it is also important that you eat food that will lower risks of heart diseases. There are many foods that will help you in this:

1) You will need foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. This substance protects you against irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure. It is found in many kinds of fish. It is also present in canola oil, walnut oil, and flaxseed oil.

2) Oats have Beta Glucan that absorbs extra fat from blood. In this way, they reduce total cholesterol.

3) Apples possess Guercetin, a phytochemical that prevents inflammation and blood clots.

4) Nuts like almonds have ‘healthy’ oil in them. They keep cholesterol in check while fulfilling your daily need for fat.

5) A great substitute for meat is Soy. It is known to play an important role in the prevention of heart attacks. Soy milk is also available widely. Tofu, a by-product of soy, can be used in place of cheese very well.

The greatest means to a fit heart and health is a good and positive approach to life and that is within the reach of everyone.

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