Vital Aspects of Heart Failure

Vital Aspects of Heart Failure The American Heart Association has pointed out that over five million Americans live with heart failure each day. Diagnostically significant, almost 600,000 new cases are reported each year while many of these cases result in deadly heart attacks within the first few years of diagnosis. Heart failure is normally misunderstood […]

Effective Tips to Prevent a Heart Attack

Effective Tips to Prevent a Heart Attack While there are really no cures to heart diseases, there are ways to control it and keep it at a level where daily life is not strained. A more reasonable and wise course to take is to follow a lifestyle that helps you keep heart related illnesses at […]

Symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure

Symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure Congestive heart failure is a very serious health condition that is often caused by heart disease. The arteries that surround the heart feed oxygen to the heart that is crucial to the circulation of blood throughout the body. The blood that the heart circulates throughout the body also carries oxygen […]

Recognizing Heart Attack Symptoms

Recognizing Heart Attack Symptoms As people age, it becomes crucial for one to be aware of the symptoms of a heart attack. Heart attacks are very common for men and women, however, men are often more likely than women to suffer from one. Today’s society leaves many adults vulnerable to the onset of a heart […]

Heart Attack Recovery – Medication

Heart Attack Recovery – Medication You will have been prescribed either singularly, or as a combination, the following medications to support your body on its road to recovery and to act as secondary prevention barriers. These prescription drugs are designed to: -Balance out high or low blood pressure. -Lower cholesterol. -Deal with angina attacks (spray […]

Say Goodbye to Your Smoking Addiction As Soon As Possible

Say Goodbye to Your Smoking Addiction As Soon As Possible Are you someone acting like a servant to cigarettes like millions of people out there? Is it really worth it? Think over again, why are you killing yourself? It is time that you say goodbye to your smoking addiction as soon as possible and I […]

Heart-attack in women

Heart-attack in women If I can get a woman to this article and save your life, then I have accomplished my goal. All women should understand that the signs of a heart attack for a female can be very different from what they experience a typical male having a heart attack. It is important to recognize that […]

Ways to avoid Heart-Attack

A heart attack can occur when oxygen is cut from the heart due to lack of blood flow. The symptoms of a heart attack include mild or severe pain in the center of the chest, shortness of breath, cold sweats, nausea or lightheadedness / dizziness. However, not always easy to know you have a heart attack. There are […]

Sex Life and Heart-Attack

The answer to these most disturbing conundrums is yes. You can suffer a heart attack as a direct result of engaging in sexual activity. The good news is it’s incredibly rare to happen. Even more strange if you are a woman. If you believe the statistics, less than 1% of heart attacks may be linked […]

How heart burn links to heart attack

Yes, heartburn and heart attacks can sometimes be related, sometimes not. In this article, I wish to distinguish the differences for you. Heartburn is often a very painful sensation in the throat and sometimes in the chest area too.  The difference is that when a person has actual acidity and not a heart attack, heartburn does […]