Understanding the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Understanding the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is often termed the “silent killer” in that it causes numerous serious health effects while being a serious health condition in itself. Of course, millions of people are diagnosed with high blood pressure each year while others remain undiagnosed, confusing their symptoms with other common […]

Finding the Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Finding the Best Home Blood Pressure Monitor Monitoring blood pressure is a crucial step in maintaining health. Assisting in gaining accurate readings of your blood pressure, one may consider purchasing a blood pressure monitor to assist in the readings necessary for logging and monitoring blood pressure. Numerous variations of blood pressure monitors exist that proliferate […]

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors used to be exclusively operated by physicians and nurses alone but that was soon rectified with today’s multi-tasking generation. Every person seemed to want to know about everything that was related to them and that of course included monitoring their own heartbeats. What is a Heart Monitor Also known as a cardiac […]

Holter Monitoring

Holter monitoring gives doctors a constant reading of your heart rate and rhythm over a 24-hour period (or longer). The Holter monitor can record heart rate and rhythm when you feel chest pain or symptoms of an irregular heartbeat (called arrhythmia). Your doctor can then look at the time when you noticed your symptoms. Reading […]