Vital Aspects of Heart Failure

Vital Aspects of Heart Failure The American Heart Association has pointed out that over five million Americans live with heart failure each day. Diagnostically significant, almost 600,000 new cases are reported each year while many of these cases result in deadly heart attacks within the first few years of diagnosis. Heart failure is normally misunderstood […]

Understanding the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Understanding the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is often termed the “silent killer” in that it causes numerous serious health effects while being a serious health condition in itself. Of course, millions of people are diagnosed with high blood pressure each year while others remain undiagnosed, confusing their symptoms with other common […]

Recognizing Heart Attack Symptoms

Recognizing Heart Attack Symptoms As people age, it becomes crucial for one to be aware of the symptoms of a heart attack. Heart attacks are very common for men and women, however, men are often more likely than women to suffer from one. Today’s society leaves many adults vulnerable to the onset of a heart […]